Native American Flutes

I’ve discovered a new interest, native american style flutes. The sound these flutes make is amazing. The music can be so relaxing or very exciting. I’ve made friends with a bunch of interesting people. Making these flutes is a true art form, not as easy as you would think. I have several flutes in different stages of completion out of some unusual woods. Pictures to come soon.

redheart flute

My latest flute, made out of redheart.


My first small bore (1/2”) flute, I’ve made. This one is going to be gifted to a 7 year old girl who is wanting to learn how to play  native american style flute. Sept. 6, 2011

Three of my flutes I’ve finished or semifinished. The bottom one is finished and made of macawcaba, purpleheart and poplar. The middle one is tatajuba and is not finished. I have a piece of scrap wood held on with a rubber band for the fetish, just for tuning. The top is poplar with the fetish made from bacote’.

A view of my first finished flute.