public-demoAstronomy is one of my hobbies I really love, but lately I have not had much time for it. When I have the time, the weather is bad. The picture to the right is from an astronomy demonstration at Borders Book Store a few years ago. This is a picture of my mirror grinding machine I built. My telescope is one I built. It is a 10” F5.6 dobsonian style reflector. When I’m not viewing for my self, I help my friend Paul Lewis, with the University of Tennessee with his programs at schools and other public locations. Below is a picture from one of the solar viewing programs. I love watching the kids looking through the scopes and listening to their reactions.


Mirror Grinding
My mirror machine in action. Built from plans on the net. It works pretty good. I’ve ground and polished a couple of mirrors with it. I need to figure them when I get time.

My Telescope
This is an old picture (Jason is 6’ 1” now and 280 pounds). Anyway, the scope is a 10” F5.6 dob that I built about 12 years ago. I’m getting ready for a massive rebuild of this scope. I’m going to convert it to a truss tube configuration to make it easier to transport and store. So to get ideas for mine, I’m building an 8” version for my son. Pictures coming soon on that project