Amateur Radio

I’ve had my amateur radio license (KG4UJC) for about 4 years now. I’ve always have been interested in ham radio, but just never took the test. My father has had is ticket (WA4OAH) for 40+ years and my brother  (now SK, KD4TZJ) for about 15 years. Since I got mine, Jason, my oldest son got his ticket (KG4WGB), the my youngest son Justin (KI4BFU) and my wife got hers (KI4BPE).

nhrc-2One thing that has always interested me in ham radio are repeaters. I decided to try my hand at building one. The picture to the left is of the NHRC-2 controller that I am using to control the repeater. It is very inexpensive to build, around $60. The radio I will be using to build the repeater is a Motorola UHF Mitrek transceiver. The radio is built like a tank and easy to convert for amateur radio use. I have also purchased a duplexer, which is a set of tuned cavities that allow frequencies to be blocked while passing others. I have started building an antenna, a coaxal colinear type. This type of antenna gives several db of gain.

I bought a couple of the old GE Phoenix radios for APRS use. They were in the ugly eggshell colored 100_1439_resizecases. I used Krylon Fusion Paint to repaint the cases to satin black. It works great. I also hand wired a programmer to program the prom chip. I have programmed and tested the radio and the power output is good. The pictures are a before and after view of the case and radio100_1431_resize